my new tattoo and btvs

I didn’t really get a tattoo but if I did it was say “did you read the Bloggess today?” And I would put it somewhere I couldn’t miss it because what good would it be on the back of my shoulder, right?

I’ve been really sick all week. The week before that I was just sort of sick. It’s been tough but after seeing a Dr. that a good friend hooked me up with I am on the mend.

Whilst I’ve been sick I decided to watch every single season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I didn’t watch it back in the 90’s because I was either working or drinking heavily or sleeping. Can you say barfly? So for the last week I’ve either been sleeping or eating or watching btvs. I’m pretty much inundated with the show. I even dream about it now. I thought about taking a break but then I heard Spike in my head saying, “pffft, you bloody poof!” so I decided against it. Almost to season 5 now.

Today I decided to catch up on The Bloggess because I have not been to her site in a few weeks. I’m telling you that woman and I and several other women I know are from the same planet. It’s like we were probably inseminated into our mothers by aliens and were some sort of science experiment to see if we would eventually find each other as alien sisters. I wonder how many more out of this world sisters I have.

As always, she has inspired me to speak my mind and be artistic and grab my depression/anxiety by the balls. I love her for this. She makes me feel like all of my intergalactic siblings do. Like it’s okay to be crazy sometimes, and that there is at least one person walking around that knows exactly how I feel at any given time.

I’m lucky. And out of things to say.



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