advice needed

EDIT——— I have decided not to do an advice column.  Partly because I’m not really smart enough to give people sound advice and partly because I forgot that I start school again soon and won’t have time to indulge in blogs and stuff as much as I do now.  Thank you for the support and kind words though!

I am thinking of making a Facebook page with an advice column.  Or maybe adding one here.  What do you think?  I’m pretty good at NOT sugar-coating things for people and saying exactly what I think of most anything.   I think my advice is golden but some would disagree, probably in a very angry way.  Just a thought.  I like helping people.  Sometimes I even feed the trolls when I’m not being one myself. 

I could call it “No More Bullshit”.  I like it.

Let’s take a vote, shall we?







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