sleep typing

I lay in bed for hours trying to sleep, and failing, so I got out of bed humming  the tune of Syd Barrett’s “Love You.”  Here is an example of some of the lyrics:

Honey love you, honey little
Honey funny sunny morning, love you
More funny love in the skyline baby
Ice cream excuse me
I seen you looking good the other evening

It’s like confused happiness exploded inside my brain this morning.  And here comes the sun.  Do do do doo.  I haven’t had a lot going on these past couple of days so I will just give you the highlights.  Sharkus called his Dad a walking turd the other day.  All four of us laughed until we cried and then Daddy gave a speech about the 4th commandment (again).  My daughter was going around the house making heavy metal finger gestures while chanting “Jimmi Hendrix Yeah!”  I have no idea how or why she knows about Jimmi Hendrix.  Disney Channel?  That’s about it.  Here’s to hoping it picks up around here a little!



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