tgif (except for the whole quitting smoking thing)

Yes, you read correctly.  I quit smoking a few days ago.  I started taking Chantix (which I’ve taken before but went off of too early, it works) and when I ran out of smokes I just didn’t purchase any more.  Do I feel better?  Yes!  Do I want to smoke right this very second?  Yes!  It doesn’t help that my little boy is sitting next to me whining in this screetchy voice from hell because I won’t let him play Xbox.  The kid plays too much Xbox.  A friend of mine just posted on Facebook about this particular topic.  Though I did not agree with her post, it did remind me of how much time my kid stares at the TV blowing things up.  Anyway, do you have any idea how difficult it is to write when someone is screetching at you?  Thank goodness Daddy is home to bark at him or he might whine all day.  I will give the boy credit though, he’s a natural.  He hacked into his Dad’s Xbox live account three different times at the ages of 3 or 4.  Color me suprised when that Microsoft bill for $80 showed up. 

Where was I going with this?  Oh yeah, I quit smoking.  I’m fine most of the time but there are moments I want to kill.  Moments when even Yogi Bear isn’t smarter than the average bear because he won’t shut the hell up and he’s getting on my nerves.  A few deep breaths later it passes though. 

Dieting….I am also dieting.  Who in their right mind quits smoking and starts dieting at the same time?  All this bitchy-ness is totally making sense.  So instead of smothering my ciggie cravings with sugar-coated whatever or melted cheese on chips I am eating things like yogurt with fresh berries and salad, and lean meats.  I still put real sugar in my coffee, and cream, because some things you should NEVER fuck with.  Coffee is one of those things.  I also have two favorite mugs that I drink my coffee out of.  Sometimes my husband, Mike, risks his life and uses one.  Today it’s my KNOCK KNOCK mug with Beyoncé the chicken on other side.  It was a gift from a friend (who is actually the reason I am brave enough to finally start this blog).  I am very protective about my kids and my two coffee mugs.  Try and mess with either and you will pull back a bloody stump, and since I am dieting and not smoking I might even beat you to death with your own arm.


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